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MSD inaugurates a new digital campaign dedicated to the vaccination for Rotavirus, a virus that causes viral gastroenteritis and possible dehydration, and can have serious consequences for children. The communication campaign consists of high-impact material designed to highlight the need for children to be vaccinated, and to encourage their vaccination as soon as possible. Immediacy thus becomes the focus of the campaign, thanks to the assonance between the phrases Vaccinalo presto (“Get them vaccinated soon”) and Vacci presto (“Get there soon), transforming the message into the underlying concept for the entire Digital Strategy, the aim of which is to drive users to the dedicated mini-website.

The campaign is divided into 2 different geo-localized waves throughout the Italian regions where MSD distributes its Rotavirus vaccine, with the Key Visual consisting of 3 videos dedicated to the main characteristics of the vaccine itself: information on the disease, timing, and benefits. In order to best intercept the new-parent target, the videos have been used for social media campaigns, in stories format, and for digital media campaigns on YouTube. The editorial plan was completed with two Search ad flights on Google Ads, and a one-month Display campaign.